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Colouring In is a collaborative research project by Dr Stephanie Black (Kingston School of Art) and Luise Vormittag (Camberwell College of Art, UAL), through which we are examining the impact of illustration on themes of critical importance to global debates.

We are taking a cross-disciplinary approach to look specifically at the intersection of illustration with other areas and disciplines, as we focus on shared concerns such as the natural world, urbanism or remembrance and identity construction.

We are interested in discovering more about the impact illustration currently has in these areas and the possibilities of critical illustration practice to make meaningful interventions.

The PDF publications on this website are working papers – an initial insight into our research that we will develop into a more fully realised publication at a later stage. We invite you to write to us with your thoughts, feedback and references to innovative work that might enrich these discussions.

Issue 1 September 2021


Motifs derived from nature can often be found in commercial illustration, adorning the surfaces of packaging, advertising and clothing and visually enriching our everyday lives. However, this isn't the only role that illustration can play in this regard. So what else can illustration do, in addition to providing visual pleasure and imparting a whiff of 'natural-ness' or 'wholesome-ness' to products? What other possibilities are there for illustration to engage with the natural world? How can illustration actually contribute to the creation of knowledge in this area? What are the different types of knowledge claims that illustration can make?

With Colouring In we are interested in exploring answers to these questions, and are concerned with illustrative practices that intervene within conversations concerning the natural world.


  • Jean Blackburn
  • Nina Carter & Martha Dillon
  • Hugo Drummond
  • Michelle Kuen Suet Fung
  • John Kilburn
  • John Miers
  • Svetlana Pavlova
Issue 2 To be released 2022

The City

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Issue 3 To be released 2022

The Past

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Issue 4 To be released 2023


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Further Reading

See below for a list of resources, readings and projects that we are planning to take into account as we develop this work.

Please email us with any suggestions – we will be delighted to see this list grow!


We welcome and encourage your thoughts and/or feedback on Colouring In (we are particularly keen to receive suggestions for our reading lists).

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